2023-10-29: Kingfishers

I find kingfishers to be fascinating birds to watch. I always enjoyed it when I spotted them during my walks along the river when I used to live near Vancouver, and especially love to see the large variety of kingfishers whilst travelling in Africa.

On my last trip, I was fortunate to see 7 varieties of kingfishers, and to get photos of 6 varieties (a woodland kingfisher still stubbornly remains on my mental images to capture list).

While some of the images from this trip weren’t as good as previous (such as the pied & giant kingfishers) I wanted to get as many of them as I could in one post, as it shows the wonderful variety of size and colour. And despite the name, not all kingfishers fish. Some prey instead of small amphibians or insects.

Brown hooded kingfisher. Zambia, November 2022.
African pygmy kingfisher. Zimbabwe, November 2022.
Grey headed kingfisher. Zimbabwe, November 2022.
Pied kingfisher. Zimbabwe, November 2022.
Malachite kingfisher. Zambia, November 2022.
Giant kingfisher. Zimbabwe, November 2022.

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