2019-03-10: Signs of Spring

Spring is definitely taking its time to arrive here in Prince George.  It’s creeping up, little by little, but the changes aren’t really picturesque.  It is nice though to go outside at midday and feel a tiny bit of warmth to the sunshine now, and see that the snowbanks are receding little by little.

The photos I have today aren’t really a sign of spring, but I am hopeful that I won’t have another opportunity to take them again this year, so I guess it somewhat ties into the theme.

I was walking with Spencer early yesterday morning, it was quite cold and the bare tree branches were covered in frost and ice.  When the sun came up and hit the branches, it was just so pretty.  The trees were sparkling in the warm orange light.  I tried my best to capture it, but taking photos while wearing mittens (and while my glasses were fogging up) is not an easy task!  I wasn’t about to go bare handed when it was -18, so I snapped a couple of photos and hoped for the best.

Like light playing upon moving water, snow and ice sparkling in the sunlight is something that is challenging to really capture in a still image.  I think the magic of seeing it in person is a bit lost, but still, I try.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead.

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2018-01-21: The Frozen World – A week of melting

When I decided on the topic for the month, I had many plans for posts.  Many plans that I have not been able to put in to action because of the weather.  C’est la vie.

This week has seen warm temperatures and generally lots of overcast days, though I did manage to get out a couple times for a few quick photos when the sun was out.  The warm temperatures and occasional rain have left the snow covered in a sheet of ice; areas almost look like they have been glazed with the fancy icing that goes on sugar cookies.  I found that to be difficult to convey in an image though, and reducing everything to black and white made it somewhat more apparent.

I hope you enjoy my selections for the week.

The tracks of snow machines heading off along the edge of a lake.
The icy surface of the snow being illuminated by the midday sun.  The days may be getting longer, but the sun is still very low in the sky.
I hadn’t been expecting the see the rocky shoreline when I went out to the lake to explore a bit.  Faint tracks of snow machines head off in both directions.
The temperature may have been unseasonably warm, but the trees aren’t buying it yet.  Definitely no buds to be seen, just barren branches reaching skywards.
The collapsing snow looked to me like to surface of the moon… or perhaps like Swiss cheese if you’re hungry 🙂


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2018-01-07: The Frozen World – Icy Branches

This past week I was pondering my reaction to the weather quite a bit.  I spent the first 8 years of life in Ontario where we had a true winter each year, but then moved to the Vancouver area, which doesn’t get much in the way of winter weather, and then the past 3 years in Prince George where there is a guarantee of significant cold temperatures and snow throughout the winter.

For many years, I said that I hated the snow, but I’ve come to realize what I really meant was I hate the snow that gets delivered occasionally in the Vancouver area; heavy, wet snow with temperatures hovering near freezing.  The area essentially gets paralyzed by the weather, roads turn into skating rinks, and getting to and from work, which would normally be an easy 15 minute drive, could turn into a 2 hour nightmare.  It was the inconvenience of it, and living in a place ill equipped to deal with it.  I never believed people when they said winter was so much nicer further north.  The thought of the cold and all that snow filled me with dread.

But, I must say, all those people were right.  The colder temperatures and generally brighter, sunnier days are much more pleasant than the continual fog and grey skies at the coast.  The colder, drier air here often feels less cold than the chilly damp that seeps into your bones further south.  I’d still prefer plus 30C, but I now realize that for me, dealing with -15C is much easier than dealing with 0C in Vancouver.  Know thyself, right?

Now to this monthly project.  Last weekend I jotted down ideas with gusto.  I planned and prepared, and then mother nature decided to turn up the thermostat for a couple of days and deliver rain one evening, and constant grey skies for the last couple of days.  It was like being transported to the coast, without having to go anywhere.  So much for all my photo plans.

But the freezing rain did leave some lovely frozen droplets on branches, and a light dusting of snow yesterday coated the branches once again.  So I went out on a short walk to see what I could find.







Please visit:
www.jennifersawickyphotography.com for wildlife, landscape and nature inspired artwork.


https://shopvida.com/collections/jennifer-sawicky for textiles inspired by my photography.


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