2018-01-21: The Frozen World – A week of melting

When I decided on the topic for the month, I had many plans for posts.  Many plans that I have not been able to put in to action because of the weather.  C’est la vie.

This week has seen warm temperatures and generally lots of overcast days, though I did manage to get out a couple times for a few quick photos when the sun was out.  The warm temperatures and occasional rain have left the snow covered in a sheet of ice; areas almost look like they have been glazed with the fancy icing that goes on sugar cookies.  I found that to be difficult to convey in an image though, and reducing everything to black and white made it somewhat more apparent.

I hope you enjoy my selections for the week.

The tracks of snow machines heading off along the edge of a lake.
The icy surface of the snow being illuminated by the midday sun.  The days may be getting longer, but the sun is still very low in the sky.
I hadn’t been expecting the see the rocky shoreline when I went out to the lake to explore a bit.  Faint tracks of snow machines head off in both directions.
The temperature may have been unseasonably warm, but the trees aren’t buying it yet.  Definitely no buds to be seen, just barren branches reaching skywards.
The collapsing snow looked to me like to surface of the moon… or perhaps like Swiss cheese if you’re hungry 🙂


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