2015-12-28_Monochrome Monday

One of my dream wildlife sightings / photo opportunity was to see a leopard in a tree.  I’m sure I mentioned it before, but it happened in what I felt was an unlikely place, the Okavango Delta.

I was looking through photos with my Mom yesterday and came across these after not having seen them for awhile, and I thought they would be great to edit in black and white.  I still have a lot more shots to get through 🙂

20151228_Monochrome Monday-2


20151228_Monochrome Monday


20151228_Monochrome Monday-3

If these are the type of photos you’d like to own, you can find them here:

Jennifer Sawicky Smugmug Site

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  1. Like you, I dreamed of seeing a leopard in the wild (up a tree specifically) during my time in Africa, but the closest I ever got was a small glimpse from far away 🙂 Great shots!

    1. Thanks! Hopefully you will have a chance to see one close up some day in the future. They look so at home the trees. The lion cub I saw once about 8 feet up – not so much and the exit, not very graceful!

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