2015-12-29: Birds

I felt like doing  bit of editing this evening, and decided to work on some bird photos that wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to take flight.


A pair of guinea fowl going for a morning jog. May, 2015
Ostriches are one thing that are not plentiful on Londolozi. We came across this one while driving in for our stay. The sunlight on her backside is not an obvious lighting choice (but hey, work with what you get, right?). I do like the way it show the detail on the feathers. May, 2015
A pied crow with the amazing Damaraland landscape in the background. Namibia, April 2015
An orange breasted sunbird resting in the shade of one of the lovely flowering bushes at the Cape Town Botanical Gardens. April, 2015
A double collared sunbird at the botanical gardens. April, 2015
Another red winged starling, this time at the Cape of Good Hope. April, 2015
A pair of black oystercatchers on Robben Island. April, 2015
One of the incredibly tame red winged starlings at the top of Table Mountain. South Africa, April 2015
A robin chat tucked deep in the bushes. I resorted to laying down on my tummy and shooting through the deck railing posts to get some shots. This was the best that I could managed. South Africa, April 2015

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    1. Thank you! These were all from my catalogue from my last journey to Africa in April / May 2015. There has been quite a variety right outside the window lately though!

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