2016-02-20: World Pangolin Day

I’ve already done a post with the best pangolin photos I managed to take (if you missed it the first time around, you can find it here).  But as it’s world pangolin day, I thought I would see what I could do with a photo that didn’t make the original post, in a black and white edit.  I like the way the texture of the scales are emphasized in monochrome.

20160220_World Pangolin Day.jpg


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    1. Yes it definitely is! I think the main difference between the first post and this one was I was trying to keep the photographs as close to what I really saw in the original post, while this time around, I just wanted to highlight texture in the best way possible. I probably should have re-edited a photo with the pangolin in a better position though…
      I’ve recently added some new software to my editing, and I’m only at the tip of the iceberg so to speak with what it can actually do. Thank goodness for YouTube tutorials 🙂

  1. What software do you use?
    I’m on Lightroom at the moment, but I’m considering Photoshop for specific tasks. I just need some time to learn…
    Also, I found the website birdphotograher.net very interesting, especially the section “Eager to learn”. Lots of tips and tricks, and feedback on your work if you ask 🙂

    1. I will definitely check out that website, thanks for the tip!
      I use lightroom for my importing, organizing, keywords, ratings and things like cropping. Occasionally I edit directly in lightroom, but usually I edit in photoshop and utilize a variety of plug ins. I find they really speed up my workflow, and sometime take things in a totally different direction than I had anticipated. I’ve had Nik for several years on the recommendation of a guy in a landscape class I was taking. After that I added in On1 suite 9 (I won it in a contest), and most recently I have added in the Macphun suite and the Topaz Labs suite, when I found them on discount at the US thanksgiving black Friday sales. I really like using photoshop (and the plugins) for the ability to layer and blend easily. I know I could do all of it in LR or PS directly, it would just take me a lot more time.

    1. I’m sure with all your travels into the lovely wild places of South Africa, you will get your sighting one day too. I’m jealous of just about every post you make, now the tables are turned 🙂

      Honestly, I still somedays have to pinch myself when I see the photos and remember all I have seen so far. And only 191 days, 9 hours 23.5 minutes till my next African adventure… this time into East Africa!

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