2016-02-21: What I’ve seen this week

The week ended on a very interesting note, and has left me with a fair number of photos to go through.  On the advice of one of the members of the photo group, I went east of town yesterday hoping to see the northern hawk owls that had been spotted earlier in the day; I managed to see one, perched so high up in a tree, the first time I drove straight past it.

Today, I decided to take a drive about an hour out of town to a park, to scope out potential photography areas for the spring.  It was just too lovely a day to be indoors.  I had Spencer with me and we had a nice walk along the frozen marsh, but on the way out, I started to pull over closer to the side of the road to let a truck past, and the combination of ice covered road and extremely soft snow on the side, I ended up with the passenger side wheels stuck.  A lady tried to give me a tow (who it turns out is also part of my photo group, but we hadn’t met yet), but that didn’t work so we set off to get into cell range so I could call for a tow truck.  While I waited for the tow, it gave me a bit of time to catch up on some podcasts I’d been wanting to listen to, and honestly, the people around here are lovely.  Every single person heading in or out of the park stopped to see if they could help in any way.  I’m very grateful to the kindness of strangers.

And if I hadn’t been delayed an hour, I likely wouldn’t have seen a bald eagle perched high in a tree on the side of the highway (thoughtfully, right near a truck pull out so I could safely pull over).  And since many wise photographers have always said “look behind you”, I turned to scan the opposite side of the highway, and saw two more perched in a tree and one soaring above, calling repeatedly.  So an owl Saturday, and four bald eagles (plus a slightly lighter wallet) on Sunday.  All in all, an excellent weekend.

And with that long and rambling weekend description behind us, on to the photos.

Enjoy, and have a lovely week.

20160221_What I've seen this week-6
Couldn’t ask for a prettier late winter day – warm out and sunny blue skies.
20160221_What I've seen this week-4
Moonrise, peachy coloured clouds… it was too pretty not to snap a quick photo on our late afternoon walk.
20160221_What I've seen this week-5
A slightly odd shot that didn’t quite turn out as planned, but that never seems to stop me from including them anyways. A couple night ago while out with Spencer, I was intrigued by the fast moving clouds and the bright moon. I decided to play around with the new camera and it wasn’t quite doing what I anticipated, but I do like the rainbow effect around the moon.
20160221_What I've seen this week-3
The brilliant blue sky, bright sun and fluffy clouds reminded me a little of some of the sky shots I took in Botswana…. until you look down and see the glare from the snow!
20160221_What I've seen this week-7
I’ve had requests for Spencer to be included in my posts, so here he is – enjoying his day out.
20160221_What I've seen this week-9
The eagle I spotted from the road while driving.
20160221_What I've seen this week-12
The fourth eagle of the afternoon

20160221_What I've seen this week-14

20160221_What I've seen this week-11

20160221_What I've seen this week-16

20160221_What I've seen this week-10



20160221_What I've seen this week-18
I waited around just long enough for the second eagle to get its face out from behind the branch.

20160221_What I've seen this week-13

20160221_What I've seen this week-17

20160221_What I've seen this week-15

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