2016-03-07: Monochrome Monday & WPC Muse

I decided to combine my usual Monochrome Monday with a WPC topic of the week: Muse.  What topic do I return to time and time again?  What subject inspires me?  What am I ALWAYS excited to photograph?

If you’ve read this blog for more than a week, you’ll know the answer, it’s easy:

Elephants 🙂

I’d happily spend a day, a week, a lifetime in the presence of elephants.  Photographing them of course, but more importantly just being in their presence, enjoying their rumbles and trumpeting, feeling the vibrations of their communications at levels we can’t hear, revealing in their beautiful, peaceful nature.

Here are a couple photos that popped out at me this time for editing and posting.

Enjoy, and have a wonderful week.

20160307_Monochrome Monday-2
A bull elephant grazing at breakfast time. The sun was at the perfect angle for a lovely shadow of his trunk on the ground behind him. Timbavati, May 2015
20160307_Monochrome Monday-3
The perfect fly swatter.
20160307_Monochrome Monday
Shade is in short supply in the Damaraland desert. A family of elephants take turns under the shade of a small tree. Damaraland Camp, April 2015


Note – this isn’t the current WPC topic of the week… not even close.  But when I was looking for the current one, this spoke one spoke to me.  Onto Harmony later in the week.

WPC Muse


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