2017-01-08: What I’ve seen this week

As I said in my Feel Good Friday post, this week has been great one for wildlife viewing around the house.  The deer have been visiting in force, the flicker, grey jays, hairy woodpeckers, chickadees and magpies are around most days, and the rabbit has been by on more than one occasion.

The special visitor this week though was a gorgeous red fox, who I spotted two afternoons in a row.  On both occasions, (s)he was hunting, the second day more successful than the first.

It’s such a joy to look out my office window while working and see all of this unfold!

Now, on to the photos 🙂

I was absolutely blessed with such lovely light the first time I saw this fox in my yard.  All day one photos 1/400sec, f5.6, ISO 500.
So alert, stopping to listen every few moments.


I have a path cleared to get to the back of the yard from my shed, and that’s the way the fox took to head off on Tuesday.
The weather Wednesday afternoon was overcast, but it seemed to be to the advantage of the fox.  Here it is listening intently.  All day two photos 1/160 sec, f8.0, ISO 500.
And then a couple of well aimed ounces and a bit of digging in the snow…
Success!  Some lunch, which the fox took to go.

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