2021-01-31: Foxes (repost from 2017)

I’m in the process of making some changes in my office and had to temporarily dismantle the computer I use for photo editing to move furniture around. So, for this week, I am stuck posting nothing at all, or re-sharing some posts and images that I have shared before. Since I try to stay consistent with my posting schedule, I’m going with the latter.

I chose this post since I have been seeing tracks of fox all over the yard recently, but sadly haven’t spotted the fox. I’ve also been seeing glimpses and hearing an owl calling in the area, so this post seems a good fit to what has been going on.

I’ll be back to sharing new images next weekend (fingers crossed).

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead.

2018-03-18: Multiple Exposure Project

I was inspired to create something using local images this week.  My multiple exposure composite image of the week is a red fox merged with a night sky image, both captured on my property.

I’ve only had a fleeting glimpse of one fox this winter; perhaps this will bring me luck to start seeing them more frequently again.

20180318_Multiple Exposure project.jpg



2017-02-05: What I’ve seen this week

The early part of this past week I had a couple of great wildlife sightings in the neighbourhood, but after Tuesday, nothing at all.  Fingers crossed for an interesting week ahead.

Enjoy the photos and the rest of your day 🙂

On my late afternoon walk Monday I spotted this barred owl at the top of my road.  I managed a couple quick shots before it flew off.  It was snowing and quite gloomy, so not an excellent photo, but an exciting sighting for me.

Tuesday I spotted this fox in the backyard while working.  It hung around for about five minutes before disappearing into the bushes.

Taking a quick nap in a sunbeam.

Sniffing for mice or other prey.

Here the fox is investigating the deer bowl.  I’ve not seen the deer now in about 3 weeks, since we had our thaw and refreeze.  The squirrels, ravens, grey jays and magpies are enjoying the food source though.  Soon enough it will be time to put all that away as spring shows up and the bears start to awaken.


2017-01-15: Artistic Impressions

I’ve had another great week of wildlife viewing around home, and I think I have gotten some really nice images, but I’ve been caught up with other projects and haven’t had an opportunity to do any review or editing.  So, I’ll have to do a good catch up next Sunday, but for now, I hope you will enjoy a couple of my artistic impressions of the fox that visited last week.

Wishing you a great week ahead 🙂


2017-01-08: What I’ve seen this week

As I said in my Feel Good Friday post, this week has been great one for wildlife viewing around the house.  The deer have been visiting in force, the flicker, grey jays, hairy woodpeckers, chickadees and magpies are around most days, and the rabbit has been by on more than one occasion.

The special visitor this week though was a gorgeous red fox, who I spotted two afternoons in a row.  On both occasions, (s)he was hunting, the second day more successful than the first.

It’s such a joy to look out my office window while working and see all of this unfold!

Now, on to the photos 🙂

I was absolutely blessed with such lovely light the first time I saw this fox in my yard.  All day one photos 1/400sec, f5.6, ISO 500.

So alert, stopping to listen every few moments.


I have a path cleared to get to the back of the yard from my shed, and that’s the way the fox took to head off on Tuesday.

The weather Wednesday afternoon was overcast, but it seemed to be to the advantage of the fox.  Here it is listening intently.  All day two photos 1/160 sec, f8.0, ISO 500.

And then a couple of well aimed ounces and a bit of digging in the snow…

Success!  Some lunch, which the fox took to go.

2016-11-20: What I've seen this week

It’s seems like such a long time since I have done one of these posts!  I was planning to do one last week, but woke up Sunday morning to a computer meltdown instead – not quite how I was planning to spend my day.

I’ve got a bit of a mixed bag from the last two weeks… Fingers crossed I can get back into the routine of weekly photos again 🙂

Have a great week everyone!

I was very excited that the first time I’ve saw Bohemian Waxwings happened to be on a bright, sunny day.

These were part of a larger group that were in my neighbourhood for a very short period of time.  If I had left a few minutes later for my lunchtime walk, I would have missed them.  1/800 sec, f5.6, ISO 320

This fox has become a fixture in the neighbourhood, but (s)he is very shy and scurries away as soon as Spencer and I get close.  The weather has been to iffy to haul around my big lens, so zoom and cropping are my friends.  1/500 sec, f5.6, ISO 800

For the Monday supermoon, I went on a field trip with my photo club.  After a year and a half living here, it’s the first time I have been down to photograph the train bridge.  All you can see of the moon is the light trail on the water. 0.4 sec, f4.0, ISO 2000 (Nikon D610)

Same scene, different camera and a different interpretation.  0.3 sec, f3.1, ISO 1000 (Panasonic FZ1000)

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