2018-01-09: WPC – Growth

The first WordPress photo challenge topic of the year is growth.  There are lots of directions that this can be taken, but I’ve decided to use it as an opportunity to show off some of the younger generation of animals that I saw on my last safari.   The wild is a dangerous place for youngsters, with so many species having mortality rates above 50%.  I hope all of these animals have been able to grow strong and healthy.

20170428-DSC_1271 copy
A rhino cow and calf seen during a late afternoon game drive on the Ongava Reserve near Etosha National Park in Namibia.  We were very fortunate to have several rhino sightings during our trip.  Namibia, April 2017.
This lion pride was very busy, with 6 small cubs, all of whom were suffering with mange.  I am hopeful they all made it through the winter months.  South Africa, May 2017.
20170516-DSC_6765 copy
I have few photos of this sighting, as the light was falling rapidly and the cubs were deep in a thicket.  But their antics were too adorable not to try and capture.  So while their Mom fed on a giraffe kill, these two scampered around, wrestled, and attempted to climb the tree behind them. They even had a few moments of playing with the food.  South Africa, May 2017. (1/250sec, f5.6, ISO 25,600)
We came across these elephants just after setting out from camp early one morning.  They had discovered an underground water pipe and had pulled it up to get to the water.  Elephants of all sizes were enjoying a drink as the sun came up.  Being amongst the elephants is definitely one of my favourite things; I could have happily spent the whole day with them.  South Africa, May 2017.
Right after leaving the elephants seen above, we saw this.  I don’t think it gets any better in terms of an amazing sighting; we were able to track this beautiful leopard all the way to her new den site, and then spend time watching the tiny cubs explore their new home (a hollow log).  South Africa, May 2017.


If you would like to see more images and hear more about my time at the camps these images were captured at, feel free to check out: 2017-07-16: Highlights of Little Ongava2017-08-15: Ngala Tented Camp and 2017-08-27: Londolozi Game Reserve


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WPC – Growth

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