2018-01-14: The Frozen World – The view from my office

For this week, I decided to focus my Frozen World post on the animals that visit my yard during the winter time. Once the cold temperatures set in, and the risk of bears diminishes, I begin to fill up the bird feeders. Once the snow falls, I add in a bowl of food for the deer as well. There is plenty of wildlife to be seen all year round, but with the feeders out in winter, there is activity all day long, just outside my office window. Deer visit frequently, along with chickadees, hairy woodpeckers and nuthatches. This year, the pine grosbeaks and common redpolls are back, along with occasional visits from the magpies, ruffed grouse and northern flicker.

Tracks along the road and through the yard show just how much activity there is. Although I haven’t seen any this winter, I have come across the occasional moose tracks through the snow, along with hare, fox and coyote. I was lucky enough to look up from my lunch a few days ago to find a pair of coyotes in the yard, sniffing around the various feeders. Even though he is always on leash, I was extra cautious letting Spencer out later on that afternoon.

While it is not ideal, all of these photos were taken through my window. When the temperature is hovering between -20C and -30C, the animals would likely be gone by the time I bundled myself up enough to get outside and capture a photo or two. And trying to do anything with a camera while wearing mittens is an exercise in both patience and frustration!

I hope you enjoy seeing what I see when I look through my office window out into the frozen landcape.

This image was from before Christmas, but it is not often that I see the male deer around, especially this guy with his impressive antlers.
Incredibly skittish, this coyote was constantly running back and forth to this spot.  I’d left some peanuts for the birds and squirrels under a few of the trees the previous week; perhaps she found a couple that were missed.
The big source of her skittishness seemed to be all the birds swarming around her.  There had to be two dozen or more redpolls flitting about, and every time they took off for the trees as a group, she would run around and then stop and gaze into the sky.
This one stayed further from the house and didn’t seem to be as skittish or bothered by all the birds flitting around in the area.
P1040008 copy
This morning the whole gang showed up for Sunday breakfast.  There were two Mom’s nibbling at the trees in the yard; here the four youngsters enjoy some tasty grains.


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