2018-01-18: WPC – Silence

The vastness of the Namibian landscape is what I was drawn to share for the topic of the week, silence.  While being out in nature is rarely completely silent, with the rustle of the wind, the chattering of birds, or the sound of distant water just a few of thing things you might hear, it is the lack of man-made noise that makes it so appealing, and so peaceful.

Below are a few images from my time in Namibia.

A hilltop sunset in the middle of nowhere.  The wind was blowing and sandstorms had been whipping through the area, but it was incredibly peaceful.
The Skeleton Coast.  Vast desert and the Atlantic Ocean as far as the eye could see.
I find there is nothing more peaceful and quiet than being outside and watching the stars.  I shot this from the deck of my room at Ongava Reserve, but being outside alone, at night, in the bush isn’t the smartest idea, so I only took one quick photo and went back inside to my glass of wine.   


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WPC: Silence

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