2019-06-09: Kudu

When I am out on safari, I like to ask the rangers and trackers what their favourite animal is to watch, or what they would like to see while out on a game drive.  Usually, the answer is one of the larger predators, or elephants.  But I had a first with our last guide, Harley, while staying at Chitwa Chitwa.  His favourite animal is the kudu.

Kudu are a truly impressive animal, especially the males with their huge spiralling horns.  They have enormous ears that rotate around like satellite dishes, to aid them in picking up sounds while they are in amongst the trees.

Here are a few kudu images for today.  It seemed as good a topic as any!

If you’d like to learn a bit more about kudu, here is the Wiki page for them:


20190603_MM copy
A kudu cow and calf.
20190603_MM copy1
A classic model pose!
20190603_MM copy2
A trio of kudu leave the Chitwa Chitwa dam under the midday sun.
20190603_MM copy3
A kudu bull heads back into the relative safety of the tree cover.
A kudu cow just before she ducked deeper into the bushes.  Getting an unobstructed view of these animals is definitely a challenge.


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